Eradication of all forms of forced labour in Myanmar

This project aims to provide support to the Myanmar Strategic Action Plan for the elimination of forced labour by 2015 with a focus on the continued application of the ILO complaints mechanism including specific action required to sustain discharge of underage recruits including those designated as deserters.


  1. Continued operation of well-established complaints mechanism on forced labour
  2. Extension of the complaints mechanism and enhancement of rule of law environment throughout the country including ethnic areas previously inaccessible
  3. Specific follow-up on cases of runaway or imprisoned underage recruits (classified as deserters) from the army, seeking their release, discharge and rehabilitation


  1. Resolution of alleged cases of forced labour
  2. Awareness raised on forced labour through the media and communication campaigns, media monitoring
  3. Focal points for complaints network support and complaints facilitation from areas identified prior to the political reform period as difficult for outreach
  4. Imprisoned underage recruits and those who have been declared AWOL and/or deserters are identified and verified with a view to release/discharge as legally required and appropriate
  5. Capacity building and awareness-raising among underage recruits as well as the military, police, prison and administration authorities to appropriately respond to incidents of use and recruitment of children
  6.  Accountability for forced labour including unlawful recruitment and use of children in the military is ensured

Expected outcome

It is envisaged that the project will be able to contribute to ending impunity for forced labour perpetrators and foster reconciliation among (the communities of) victims and perpetrators and their institutions. Several models and forms of treatment and interventions utilized and aimed at ending forced labour will set a legal precedent and will continue to be used by legal authorities as best practice, contributing to further strengthening of the rule of law.