Tears in one eye

13-year-old Bawk Seng - a talented emerging photographer - was born paralyzed on one side of her face, only able to cry from one eye, among several physical disabilities.

Date issued: 07 October 2020 | Size/duration: 00:04:26

In this powerful documentary, she shares her life in an IDP camp in Myitkyina, Myanmar, as COVID-19 leads to a second full lockdown.
With schools closed and her family struggling to get by on food rations, Bawk Seng dreams of a future in which she can go back to her studies, and seek medical help to cry from both eyes.
The International Labour Organization (ILO) is working to call for an end to child labour - now more than ever. This video was produced by the PhotoDoc Association in collaboration with UNHCR and the Embassy of Switzerland to draw attention to children’s perspectvies during the pandemic and advocate for action.