HIV and AIDS: Guide for the tourism sector

The aim of this Guide is to help stakeholders in the tourism sector and their affiliated members to develop and implement their own workplace HIV and AIDS policies and programmes as well as to support effective implementation of the key principles established in ILO Recommendation 200.

Instructional material | 01 July 2012
Contact(s): Sectoral Activities Department; Wolfgang Weinz;
The tourism sector can play a significant role in the response to HIV and AIDS given its specific characteristics. Tourism is one of the world’s top job-creating and fastest growing industries. It is an extremely labour intensive sector with a diverse workforce and high employee turnover. Tourism offers unique employment opportunities for young, low-skilled and migrant workers, as well as the potential for economic growth for developing countries.

In particular, due to the large amount of workers, companies and communities that can be reached through tourism worldwide, the sector can make a major contribution to countering the global HIV and AIDS crisis.