Catalogue on the worst forms of child labour in Indonesia

Provides an overview of the worst forms of child labour in Indonesia. Briefly details the evils of the worst forms of child labour, describes what interventions have taken place and states what is needed in the future.

Children in agriculture; children in armed conflict; children in chemical industry; children in clay-pottery, roof-tiles and bricks making; children in construction work; child domestic worker; children in export-oriented manufacturing (rattan, garment and textile); children in the production of fireworks; children in fishery; children in footwear industry; children in hat industry; children working in jermal operation; children in kretek (hand-rolled cigarette) industry; children in mines; children in mosquito-coils industry; children in offshore work with focus on pear sea diving; children in prostitution; child scavengers; children in stone quarries; street children; child trafficking.