Indonesia: Strategies for Employment-Led Recovery and Reconstruction - Main Report

At the request of the Government of Indonesia, an Employment Strategy Mission was fielded by the ILO during 26 April to 7 May 1999. The mission was undetaken against the backdrop of severe adverse social effects of the economic crisis that the country faced since the middle of 1997. The main purpose of the mission was to formulate strategies, policies and programmes for responding to the challenge of job creation posed by the economic crisis in Indonesia.

Assessment of the social impact of the crisis in Indonesia has focused on poverty. However, not adequate attention has been paid to measuring the true magnitude of the impact of the crisis on unemployment and identifying the socio-economic profiles of the unemployed.
The comprehensive employment strategy mission reports of the ILO fills this gap. The report takes us a step further as it identifies strategies for medium and long-term employment creation in addition to the short-term emergency job creation programs.