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    HIV discrimination in the world of work

    Stigma and discrimination remain major issues for workers with HIV/AIDS

    A report by the International Labour Organization and the opinion poll company, Gallup International, reveals persistent HIV-related stigma and discrimination in the world of work.

  • 109th International Labour Conference resumes

    The second segment of the 2021 session of the Conference starts on 25 November, until 11 December. It will discuss the issues of inequalities and the world of work, as well as skills and lifelong learning.

  • COVID-19: ILO Monitor – 8th edition

    ILO: Employment impact of the pandemic worse than expected

    Ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, ILO warns on stalled global labour market recovery and significant disparities between advanced and developing economies.

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    Occupational safety and health

    WHO/ILO: Almost 2 million people die from work-related causes each year

    The first WHO/ILO global estimates on disease and injury in the workplace outline the level of preventable premature deaths due to exposure to work-related health risks.

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