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The ILO Country Office for Indonesia (CO-Jakarta) produces a range of video products, including news stories, interviews, and other promotional films. Click on the relevant link to view each story. Inquiries about usage or reproduction of materials should be sent by email.

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  1. Podcast - How protected are pregnant women workers

    23 December 2021

    Even though the protection for women workers who are pregnant and giving birth has been stated in the Manpower Act, in practice there are still many acts of discrimination that occur. To address this issue, the ILO and Magdalene held an online discussion. Find out more in the following podcast.

  2. “Show Your Sign” International Disability Day Campaign 2021

    10 December 2021

    The campaign "Show Your Sign" aims to introduce the Indonesian society fun ways to learn and express through sign language. The campaign included an Instagram competition, inviting Indonesians to record themselves to practice sign language through their favorite songs.

  3. Productive a la Worker Living with HIV (PLWHIV)

    10 December 2021

    There is still a lot of misinformation about HIV/AIDS, even though people with HIV can actually stay active and carry out activities like healthy people in general. Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge about HIV/AIDS eventually causes stigma and discrimination for people living with HIV (PLHIV).

  4. 12 years journey of the ILO’s SCORE programme in Indonesia

    08 December 2021

    The video documents three phases of the ILO’s SCORE programme in Indonesia. Launched in 2010 by H.E Doris Leuthard, President Swiss Confederation, the ILO’s SCORE programme has undergone three phases since then.

  5. Benefits gained by ILO’s SCORE Enterprises

    08 December 2021

    The video highlights benefits gained by the ILO’s SCORE Enterprises in the forms of improved productivity and competitiveness. The SCORE programme is an ILO global programme that improves productivity and working conditions in SMEs.

  6. We can, we just need opportunities

    07 December 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic not only has a negative impact on the economy, but also provides opportunities in certain fast-growing business sectors. Then what is the role of the company in providing this opportunity also for people with disabilities?

  7. Everyone has the right to work and be free from violence!

    26 November 2021

    Violence and harassment is unacceptable anywhere, anytime and under any circumstances. It can cause discomfort to workers which ultimately causes harm both physically, psychologically, and even for the economy of the workers themselves.

  8. Apprenticeship: transition from school to work

    19 November 2021

    What do young people need to know to prepare themselves for a job search? What strategy to take? What do you need to know to ensure that you can pass smoothly from the world of education or training to the world of work?

  9. Get ready for the world of work in the future

    12 November 2021

    The world of work from time to time continues to change. If you look at the pandemic conditions, some of the work that must be done in the office can now be done at home. This is all possible because of technological advances.

  10. Universal pension, what is it? Why is it necessary?

    05 November 2021

    Now Indonesia already has an old-age income protection program, namely pension insurance (JP) and old age insurance (JHT). This universal pension is important that can reduce the burden on children when they are old, because the parents will still get income.

  11. Bipartite dispute settlement at workplace

    05 November 2021

    The video highlights the workshop on bipartite dispute settlement mechanism, attended by representatives of employers and workers from 24 companies. The workshop aims to promote constructive industrial relations through complaint management and bipartite dispute settlement mechanisms.

  12. Understanding employment insurance and active labour market policy

    26 October 2021

    This video explains how the combination of Employment Insurance (EI) and Active Labour Market Policy (ALMP) can provide effective protection against unemployment.

  13. UN Day Video for Indonesia

    24 October 2021

    The video highlights messages from UN Resident Coordinator (UNRC) and Head of UN agencies in Indonesia, including from ILO in Indonesia, highlighting roles of UN Indonesia and specific mandates of each agency for Indonesia’s development, particularly for youth.

  14. How the pandemic affected vulnerable groups?

    15 October 2021

    COVID-19 pandemic has brought devastated impacts for many of us. It is even worse for the vulnerable groups. This video explains how the pandemic affect their employment and livelihood as well as shows their hopes for the future.

  15. Trade unions as the spearhead of HIV prevention and control at the workplaces

    05 October 2021

    The video highlights three main roles of trade unions for the prevention and control at the workplaces and also documents best practices in the implementation.

  16. Tutorial on COVID-19 risk assessment service

    28 September 2021

    The video provides a practical tutorial for utilizing the COVID-19 transmission risk assessment. It gives a step-by-step guide to sign up for the risk assessment service and receive professional advice from OSH doctors so enterprises can implement effective COVID-19 prevention measures at the workplace.

  17. Guidance on safe and healthy working from home in time of the pandemic

    06 September 2021

    Working from home might help protect workers from the threat of the virus, but it can also expose them to new workplace safety risks. The video provides guidance on practical tips to ensure safety and healthy working conditions from home.

  18. A Guideline for labour inspection in time of pandemic

    02 September 2021

    The COVID-19 pandemic has not only had an impact on the employment sector in general, but also on aspects of labour inspection. This guideline is one of the instruments to optimize the performance of labor inspectors in ensuring effective daily labour inspection assignments.

  19. Skills for Prosperity Programme in Indonesia

    12 August 2021

    The ILO’s Skills for Prosperity Programme in Indonesia (SfP-Indonesia), funded by the United Kingdom government, aims to improve the country’s skills development policies and systems and enhance employability and future-readiness of young women and men including those from disadvantaged groups aspiring to pursue and advance career in the maritime industry.

  20. Public employment services and unemployment benefit schemes through digital channels in Asia

    28 July 2021

    This ILO Jakarta social protection webinar explores the underlying challenges of traditional delivery mechanisms for public employment services and unemployment benefits, and the potential of digital channels to address these challenges.