Staff list CO-Jakarta

Jakarta management

Ms Michiko MIYAMOTOCountry Director
Ms Lusiani JULIASenior Programme Officer
Mr Tendy GUNAWANProgramme Officer
Mr Irham Ali SAIFUDDINProgramme Officer
Ms Lita OCTAVIAProgramme Officer for Timor-Leste
Mr Wianto LIM Senior Programme Assistant
Ms Gita LINGGASenior Communication & Information Management Assistant
Ms Budi SETIAWATISenior Communication & Information Management Assistant
Ms Mega Dewi TANSenior Operations Officer
Ms Sam Iriana BUCHARISenior Finance Assistant
Ms Hermawaty MISNANSenior HR Assistant
Ms Utari Tresna DEWIExecutive Assistant to the Country Director
Ms Ida FARIDAOperations Assistant
Mr ASUHAIDISenior Driver
Mr Yansen HUTAPEADriver

ILO Project – Skills for Prosperity Programme in Indonesia 

Ms Mary KENTChief Technical Advisor
Mr Muce MOCHTARNational Project Officer
Mr F. Leohansen SIMATUPANGNational Project Officer
Mr Irfan AFANDINational Project Officer
Ms Diah Ayoe W. SAFITRI Finance and Administrative Assistant
Ms Temmy TANETFinance and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Unemployment Protection in Indonesia - Quality Assistance for Workers Affected by Labour Adjustments (UNIQLO)

Mr Christianus PANJAITANNational Project Officer
Ms Ayunda Eka PRATAMACommunication Officer

ILO Project – Industry Skills for Inclusive Growth (InSIGHT) Phase 2

Mr Tauvik MUHAMADTechnical Officer 
Ms Hirania WIRYASTINational Project Officer 
Ms Dede Shinta SUDONONational Project Officer 
Ms Eka NOVITASARIProgramme and Administrative Assistant 

ILO Project - Advancing Workers’ Rights in Indonesia’s Palm Oil Sector

Mr Yunirwan GAH National Project Coordinator
Mr Alva Edison SIREGARProvincial Project Officer (Pontianak)
Ms Lely PUSPITA Finance and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Better Work Indonesia (BWI)  

Ms Maria Joao VASQUEZChief Technical Adviser
Ms Pipit Astri SAVITRI Communication and Partnerships Officer
Mr Dzulfian SYAFRIANProgramme Officer – Research and Data Analytics
Ms RAKHMADINAFinance and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Ship to Shore Rights Indonesia

Mr. Albert Y. BONASAHATNational Project Coordinator
Ms Natalia CHRISTINAProgramme and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Extending Access to HIV Prevention

Ms Early Dewi NURIANANational Project Coordinator
Mr Arif SAPRILProject Assistant

ILO Project – SAFE & FAIR: Realizing Women Migrant Workers' Rights and Opportunities in the ASEAN Region

Ms Sinthia D. HARKRISNOWONational Project Coordinator
Ms Maya S. ISKARINIProgramme and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Employment and Livelihood: An inclusive approach to economic empowerment of women & vulnerable populations in Indonesia

Ms Navitri Putri GUILLAUMENational Project Officer

ILO Project – Enhancing COVID-19 Prevention at and through Workplaces

Mr Abdul HAKIMNational Project Officer
Mr Yanis SAPUTRA National Project Officer
Ms Mega Savitri ANIANDARINational Project Officer
Ms Adelin ALEXANDRACommunication Officer
Mr Akbar Hadi SURYA Finance and Administrative Assistant
Ms Emalia AMNAProject Assistant
Mr Damai J.G. HAREFAProject Assistant

ILO Project – Promoting and Building Social Protection in Asia - Extending Social Security Coverage in ASEAN

Mr Ippei TSURUGA Project Manager
Ms Dian SAPTIKASARIAdministrative and Finance Assistant

ILO Project – Improved Workers' Rights in Rural Sectors of the Indo-Pacific with a focus on Women

Mr Januar RUSTANDIENational Project Manager
Ms Dewi C. BUDHIWASKITO Finance and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Alliance 8.7 Accelerator Lab to Combat Modern Slavery

Mr Muhamad NOURNational Project Manager
Ms Yulia FRIDA Finance and Administrative Assistant

ILO Project – Promotion of C190 ratification and prevention of violence and harassment at work in Indonesia  

Ms Dyah Retno SUDARTONational Project Officer
Ms PURNASARI, Vina HestiFinance and Administrative Assistant