1. News

    Breaking the Cycle of Child Labour: ILO-ACCEL Africa Project Renovates School and Enrolls 110 Children at Risk of Child Labour in Nigeria's Oke Agunla Community

    13 March 2023

    With the renovation of six classrooms and eight toilet facilities in the school premises, the Head Teacher of the school disclosed that the enrolment figure of the school has already increased.

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    Joint ILO-UNICEF report

    Number of children without critical social protection increasing globally

    01 March 2023

    Multiple crises set to plunge more children into poverty creating an urgent need to scale-up social protection, new joint ILO-UNICEF report warns.

  3. Media Advisory

    ILO/UNICEF to release report assessing levels of social protection for children

    24 February 2023

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    Knowledge-needs assessment reveals urgent action is needed to continue to combat child labour in Egypt and highlighted partnership opportunities within accel Africa

    02 February 2023

    A comprehensive knowledge needs assessment conducted by ACCEL Africa in Egypt revealed a series of urgent actions needed to combat child labour in the country.

  5. Article

    Due Diligence training to eliminate child labour in Uganda

    27 January 2023

    Through the training, participants were able to reflect on the specific challenges that they face and learned how to use different practical tools to implement in practice the different steps in a child labour due diligence process by which companies identify, prevent, manage and account for the negative impact occurring in their operations or value chains.

  6. Impact stories

    From child labour and forced labour to dreams of a better future

    18 January 2023

    Today, more than 160 million children are in child labour and 28 million people are in forced labour. What do they need? How do they feel? And who is helping them?

  7. Child labour

    Rapid assessment of child labour in auto mechanic workshops

    04 January 2023

    Stakeholders’ Validation Workshop: Pakistan discussed new findings from a rapid assessment on child labour in auto mechanic repair.


  1. Press release

    ACCEL Project Partners Unite to Combat Child Labor in Malawi: Sharing Knowledge and Results for a Better Future

    10 December 2022

    ACCEL project partners in Malawi hosted a knowledge sharing workshop to showcase their initiatives to combat child labour and promote decent work for adults and children of working age. The workshop was a platform to identify gaps, shortages, and risks in the implementation of child labour elimination programs and build coherence among the different activities towards achieving sustainability of the results.

  2. Article

    Launch of ILO Social Finance Model- A Fight Against Child Labour in Uganda.

    23 November 2022

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) is launching a Social Finance Model through its Project-Accelerating action for the elimination of child labour in supply chains in Africa” (ACCEL Africa). The launch of the Social Finance Model is in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development. and the Federation of Uganda Employers (FUE).

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    Alliance 8.7

    Understanding child labour statistics

    21 November 2022

    While the percentage of children in child labour has remained unchanged over the four year period, the absolute number has increased by over 8 million.