Credentials for the 110th Session (27 May-11 June 2022)

For those delegates participating in person, consult registration upon arrival to Geneva for full details. To verify that your credentials have been received and processed, consult Delegations to the International Labour Conference (Credentials live).

No onsite accreditation will be available. To contact the Credentials Committee Secretariat, please write to

The Credentials Committee Secretariat ( remains available to:
  • receive objections and complaints in accordance with the Standing Orders of the International Labour Conference;
  • update credentials (e.g., change in category, additions, deletions). These must be accompanied by a signed written communication (i.e., Note Verbale) from the Member State or be completed using the Online accreditation system;
  • correct email addresses, titles and other information that may be transmitted using the available form;
  • mark departures and substitutes that may be transmitted using the available form, as all accredited delegates are considered registered for the entire duration of the Conference;
  • provide access codes for the Online accreditation system for non-accredited Member States.
The 110th Session of the Conference combines in-person participation in Geneva (for national tripartite delegations only) and remote participation through a videoconferencing platform (for observers and national tripartite delegations) (see Operational arrangements for full details). As in 2021, the most important differences with previous sessions of the Conference are the:
  • limitation of participant categories that can be included in the credentials (see the Explanatory note for full details);
  • need to provide a verified individual email address for each participant; and
  • need to ensure availability to participate for the full duration of the Conference, as all accredited delegates are considered registered and therefore included in the calculation of the quorum for the respective votes.