News on forced labour

October 2008

  1. Forced labour: ITUC World Day for Decent Work

    03 October 2008

    Video "Stop forced labour!"

  2. Training of labour inspectors on forced labour and human trafficking

    As part of its campaign to strengthen labour standards in Qualified Industrialised Zones (QIZ), the Jordanian Ministry of Labour appointed 30 new labour inspectors in 2008. The workshop was organised by the Ministry of Labour, in cooperation with the ILO, to sensitize these newly appointed labour inspectors on issues of trafficking and forced labour.

September 2008

  1. New report "Investigating forced labour and trafficking: Do they exist in Zambia?"

    24 September 2008

    A new report has just been pusblished which looks into the possible existence of forced labour practices in Zambia.

  2. Regional Workshop for Employers’ Organizations on Strategies against Trafficking and Forced Labour

    Workshop organized on 21-22 May 2008 in the framework of the ILO project "Elimination of human trafficking from Moldova and Ukraine through labour market based measures". This high-level event raised awareness and facilitated cooperation and partnership to fight human trafficking bringing together representatives from employers’ organizations and business from Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, Poland, and Ukraine. Their involvement is a key to the success of ILO efforts to rid the world of these abuses by 2015.

  3. Brazil: The 2nd National Action Plan to Eradicate Slave Labour has been launched

    22 September 2008

    Learning from their 5 year experience, the CONATRAE prepared a Second Action Plan which was adopted on the 10 September 2008. After making an analysis of the achievements and the difficulties of the first national plan, this second plan offers 66 measures to combat forced labour, the first one being to keep the eradication of forced labour as a priority for the Brazilian State, with more concrete and realistic goals.

  4. New manual "Forced labour and human trafficking: handbook for labour inspectors"

    15 September 2008

    This new handbook is a tool to train labour inspectors about facts and trends of modern forced labour. This first version of the handbook was presented at a European Expert Meeting of Labour Inspectors in December 2007, as well as at national seminars in Asian countries including China and Vietnam.

  5. Preventing Human Trafficking for Forced Labour and the Worst Forms of Child Labour

    The Trades Union Congress (UK), Anti-Slavery International and ILO organized a joint workshop to feature a showcase of proven practices to prevent trafficking for labour exploitation by the ILO’s Mekong Sub-regional Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women and to discuss challenges in response to labour trafficking in the UK.

  6. Forced Labour And Human Trafficking - The Global Challenge and the ILO Response by Roger Plant, Oslo, 4 September 2008

    04 September 2008

    Presentation to a roundtable on “Human Trafficking with a Focus on Forced Labour”, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oslo, Norway, 4 September 2008

  7. Regional workshop on forced labour and human trafficking

    The International Trade Union Confederation - African Regional Organisation (ITUC-Africa) in collaboration with the ITUC, the ILO and the American Center for International Labor Solidarity (ACLIS) organised a three day Capacity Building Regional Workshop on Forced Labour and Human Trafficking for Trade Union Leaders in Africa

August 2008

  1. Russia: Where Migration Means Trafficking

    26 August 2008

    New efforts have been launched to curb human trafficking across Russia and the ex-Soviet republics