Resources on Employment Impact Assessment

  1. Jobs that help neighbourhoods recover from the earthquakes

    03 August 2023

    Following the earthquakes that hit Syria and Türkiye earlier this year, ILO infrastructure recovery works engaged communities in clearing debris and rubble in Aleppo, making many streets accessible and creating hundreds of short-term jobs

  2. ILO Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) and the Humanitarian Development Peace Nexus (HDPN)

    13 July 2023

    EIIP activities contribute to peacebuilding by addressing the drivers of conflict.

  3. HIMO MINHDU Project Brief: Launching of the production of pavement test

    30 June 2023

  4. Construction of school buildings following the labour-intensive approach, within the framework of the joint UNICEF/WFP/ILO program in Madagascar

    30 May 2023

  5. Second meeting of the Policy Working Group (PWG) in Egypt

    08 May 2023

  6. First regional knowledge-sharing workshop on the impact of trade and investment policies on productive and decent employment in the Southern Mediterranean countries

    14 March 2023

  7. Third meeting of the Policy Working Group in Jordan

    24 January 2023

  8. ILO’s infrastructure investments resolve health and water access challenges in Sudan

    22 December 2022

    Through employment-intensive investments three water points and a healthcare centre in Sudan were rehabilitated and handed over to community for operation and maintenance.

  9. Second meeting of the Policy Working Group in Jordan

    17 August 2022

  10. How to integrate employment into trade and investment policies?

    21 July 2022

    Launch of the METI Programme in Egypt and first meeting of the Policy Working Group (PWG)