Publications on Employment intensive investment


  1. Publication

    10 Years Roads for Development (R4D) - A Life Changer for Rural People in Timor-Leste

    30 December 2022

    Until the end of 2022 – when the EIIP TA to R4D ended – about half of Timor-Leste’s network of 1,975 kilometres of core rural roads was brough in good condition and was under maintenance.

  2. Technical Brief

    Ethiopia Project Brief: Enhancing disaster resilience through employment-intensive waterworks in Kebribeyah and Jigjiga (April 2021-July 2022)

    13 December 2022

  3. ILO-UNEP-IUCN joint report

    Decent Work in Nature-based Solutions 2022

    08 December 2022

    The first report in a biennial series on decent work, just transition and nature-based solutions.

  4. Guide

    Guide on gender-responsive procurement for Employment-Intensive Investment Programmes (EIIPs), Creating decent jobs and generating equal labour and business opportunities for women and men

    15 November 2022

    The Guide on gender-responsive procurement for EIIP, provides guidance along the procurement process cycle and illustrates each step with concrete country cases.

  5. Green Works

    Green works to support a just transition

    07 November 2022

    This policy brief is part of the ILO Just Transition Policy briefs series and is intended to present the linkages between just transition and green works, providing stakeholders with information and recommendations for implementation.

  6. Publication

    Disability Inclusion in EIIP Stocktaking and way forward

    20 October 2022

    This report assesses and provides recommendations on disability inclusion for the ILO’s Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP). It examines important challenges and good practices along the project cycle, calling attention to intersectional challenges approaches that safeguard the inclusion of persons with disabilities as workers.

  7. Appendix 1 of 4

    Appendix 1: Report of key findings from the stakeholder survey on decent work in Nature-based Solutions

    08 October 2022

    Appendix 1 of "Decent Work in Nature-based Solutions"

  8. Appendix 2 of 4

    Appendix 2: Methodology for Estimating current and future employment in NbS (Chapter 6)

    08 October 2022

    Appendix 2 of "Decent Work in Nature-based Solutions"

  9. Appendix 3 of 4

    Appendix 3: Classification of countries included in the modelling results (Chapter 6)

    08 October 2022

    Appendix 3 of "Decent Work in Nature-based Solutions"

  10. Appendix 4 of 4

    Appendix 4: Detailed case studies

    08 October 2022

    Appendix 4 of "Decent Work in Nature-based Solutions"