Host and refugee communities in West Kordofan, Sudan welcome a rehabilitated health centre and three water points

News | 23 November 2022
The PROSPECTS partnership was launched in 2019, funded by the Netherlands, to respond to forced displacement and its increased scale and complexity. The partnership comprises five international agencies including the ILO and focuses on durable solutions to support more dignified, inclusive and comprehensive programmes for refugees and the communities that host them. It facilitates self- reliance and empowerment and strengthens social cohesion.  It supports three broad areas of education and learning, jobs and social protection and protection and legal status. It covers eight countries including Sudan.

As part of the ILO involvement, in Sudan, the EIIP under this Partnership trained local contractors in East Darfur State and West Kordofan State on the application of cost-effective labour-based construction technologies. The contractors then used the technologies to rehabilitate critical water and health infrastructure. The first completed assets, a rehabilitated health center and three water points, are now being handed over to the local authorities and communities (November 2022) and will contribute to improved living conditions in the areas.