Good Practice

Implementing HIV/AIDS Workplace Policies and Programmes - Final Evaluation

Good Practice Description

Ukraine: With the support of the ILO-GTZ project, a law enacted on 19 February 2009 includes workplace component covering the range of World of Work activities. HIV prevention is included in a General Agreement between the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine, All Ukrainian employers Associations and Organizations, and All Ukrainian Trade Unions Associations and Organizations at regional and national levels. By now, approximately 200 enterprises, institutions or organizations have included HIV and AIDS in their collective bargaining agreements.

Moldova: The availability of technical resources in local language facilitated the development of a locally adjusted workplace policy model. The co-financing and partnership engagement allowed the Project to achieve more with fewer resources. By advocating successfully for the inclusion of Employers and labour sector Ministry's engagement in the National AIDS policy and programme coordination mechanism, it ensures the advocacy and mainstreaming of workforce HIV issues into the national HIV and AIDS agenda.

Mali: The project inserts its activity implementation monitoring in the National Monitoring and Evaluation system to align with the national approach as well as ensure efficient monitoring. The project built the capacities of its partners in utilizing this system.