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September 2023

  1. 9th BRICS Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting

    ILO Director-General speech on “ Labour rights - Ensuring rights at work”

    28 September 2023

    Statement delivered at the meeting of BRICS nations* in Durban, South Africa. (*Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)

  2. 9th BRICS Labour and Employment Ministerial Meeting

    ILO Director-General spotlights inequalities and labour market insecurities in speech to BRICS

    28 September 2023

    In his statement delivered at the opening session of the meeting of BRICS nations* in Durban, South Africa, Gilbert F. Houngbo, outlined the economic challenges facing countries worldwide. (*Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa)

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    Renewables jobs nearly doubled in past decade, soared to 13.7 million in 2022

    28 September 2023

    Employment expands despite crises and challenges and growing use of industrial policies can create more localized supply chains, a new joint ILO-IRENA report finds.

  4. World Tourism Day

    "We need to rethink tourism so the earth can heal"

    27 September 2023

    Hear Chalana Perera, who advises clients on ‘regenerative tourism’ – which moves away from exploitative tourism practices, while improving the environment and communities.

  5. News

    Indigenous children at high risk of being in child labour

    26 September 2023

    Child labour and education exclusion among indigenous children is a direct result of the marginalization of indigenous communities says a new analysis.

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    ILOSTAT Blog

    How data can bolster decent work in the tourism sector

    26 September 2023

    In-depth tourism employment data can provide valuable insights for shaping policies that benefit enterprises and improve the welfare of workers in the industry.

  7. Human Rights 75

    Social Protection, Sustainable Development, and Right to Development

    25 September 2023

    Statement by ILO Director-General, Gilbert F. Houngbo, at the Human Rights 75 - September Thematic Spotlight Discussion co organized by the ILO and the UN Human Rights Office.

  8. Empowerment through skills development

    Lebanon’s green thumb: ILO trains workers from rural communities in landscaping activities across local agricultural schools

    20 September 2023

    The landscaping and garden maintenance competency-based training aims to build capacity and develop the skills of hundreds of trainees in the agricultural sector, eventually connecting them with in-demand jobs on the market.

  9. Article

    Empowering youth in Kenya with market-driven digital skills

    19 September 2023

    The ILO and Learning Lions are bridging the digital divide in remote areas by providing comprehensive digital skills training, mentorship and job opportunities to young people. This innovative programme is transforming the lives of vulnerable communities, including refugees, and paving the way for an inclusive digital economy in Kenya.

  10. ILO Symposium, 18-20 September 2023

    Trade Unions: What is the future of workers' education?

    19 September 2023

    As the largest membership based civil society organization in the world and a crucial constituent of the International Labour Organization, workers ‘organizations gain their strength and influence through effective education and support of their members. However, issues such as climate change and demographic shifts, new technologies, digitalisation, growing inequalities, and geopolitical tensions are jeopardising attempts to achieve social justice and decent work for all. Facing these challenges, what is the future of workers’ education?