Rural Access Technical Papers (RATP)

Resource list | 08 July 2010

RATP No. 15: Integrated Rural Access Planning (IRAP) in Mongolia – Chloë Pearse

RATP No. 14: Philippines Infrastructure for Rural Productivity Enhancement - Tools for Identifying Rural Infrastructure Investment Priorities - Chris Donnges, Martha Espano and Nori Palarca

RATP No. 13: Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning in Nepal - Guide - Chris Donnges, Jagannath Ojha, and Chloë Pearse

RATP No. 12: Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning: Application in Rajasthan (India) - Ashoke K. Sarkar

RATP No. 11: Footbridges. Manual for Construction at Community and District Level - ILO ASIST Harare

RATP No. 10: Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP) - Fourth Expert Group Meeting - ILO Bangkok

RATP No. 9: Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP) - Third Expert Group Meeting - ILO Bangkok

RATP No. 8: Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning (IRAP) - Second Expert Group Meeting - ILO Bangkok

RATP No. 7: State of Orissa: Integrated Rural Accessibility Planning Gram Panchayat Level - Chris Donnges, P.K. Pattanaik and John van Rijn

RATP No. 6: Rural Accessibility - Footpaths and Tracks. A field manual for their construction and improvement - Ron Dennis

RATP No. 5: Integrated rural accessibility planning (IRAP) - Expert Group’s Meeting - Hosted by LGED and organized by IFRTD, LGED Bhabban, Dhaka, Bangladesh

RATP No. 4: Rural access and employment - The Laos experience - Chris Donnges

RATP No. 3: Wasted time - The price of poor access - Geoff Edmonds

RATP No. 2: Accessibility planning and local development. The application possibilities of the IRAP methodology - Kanyhama Dixon-Fyle

RATP No. 1: Rural transport and accessibility - A synthesis paper - Ron Dennis