Employment Papers (2000-2003)

Resource list | 30 June 2010

2003/56. Fiscal strategy for growth and employment in Pakistan: An alternative consideration (A case study prepared within the framework of the Global Employment Agenda) - Tariq A. Haq

2003/55. Trade liberalization in Mexico: Its impact on growth, employment and wages - Gabriel Palma

2003/54. Globalization and Poverty - Nomaan Majid

2003/53. Avoiding the stabilization trap: Towards a macroeconomic policy framework for growth, employment and poverty reduction - Iyanatul Islam

2003/52. Minimum wage in Chile: An example of the potential and limitations of this policy instrument - Ricardo Infante, Andrés Marinakis and Jacobo Velasco

2003/51. Labour market for restructuring in Turkey: The need for more active policies - Peter Auer and Natalia Popova

2003/50. Employment promotion policies for older workers in the EU accession countries, the Russian Federation and Ukraine - Mariangels Fortuny, Alena Nesporova and Natalia Popova

2003/49. Global poverty: National accounts-based versus survey-based estimates - Massoud Karshenas

2003/48. Macroeconomic stability, growth and employment: Issues and considerations beyond the Washington Consensus - Muhammed Muqtada

2003/47. Patterns of inter-sectoral diffusion of technological growth, income concentration and capital stocks - Ute Pieper

2003/46. National income,its distribution and the poor: Some differences between present days developing countries - Nomaan Majid

2002/45. Gender inequalities, economic growth and economic reform: A preliminary longitudinal evaluation - Nancy Forsythe, Roberto Patricio Korzeniewicz, Nomaan Majid, Gwyndolyn Weathers and Valerie Durrant

2002/44. External liberalization, macroeconomic instability and the labour market in Brazil - Matias Vernengo

2002/43. Why unemployment remains so high in Central and Eastern Europe - Alena Nesporova

2002/42. Argentina: A decade of currency board - An analysis of growth, employment and income distribution - Mario Damill, Roberto Frenkel and Roxana Maurizio

2002/41. Trade liberalization and labour markets: Perspective from OECD economies - Michael Landesmann, Robert Stehrer and Sandra Leitner

2002/40. Withdrawn

2002/39. Employment, wages and income inequality in the internalization of China's economy - Wing Thye Woo and Ruoen Ren

2002/38. World and regional employment prospects: Halving the world's working poor by 2010 - Stefan Berger and Claire Harasty

2002/37. Assessing the impact of past distributional shifts on global poverty levels - Malte Lübker

2002/36. World and regional estimates for selected key indicators of the labour market - Wesley Schaible and Ramya Mahadevan-Vijaya

2002/35. Manufactured exports, employment, skills and wages in Malaysia - Rajah Rasiah

2002/34. Trade liberalization and manufacturing employment: The case of India - Bishwanath Goldar

2002/33. Trade and international labour mobility - Ajit. K. Ghose

2002/32. The South African labour market in a globalizing world: Economic and legislative considerations - Haroon Bhorat, Paul Lundall and Sandrine Rospabe

2001/31. Labour market flexibility and employment security - Russian Federation - T. Tchetvernina, A. Moscovskaya, I. Soboleva and N. Stepantchikova

2001/30. Labour market flexibility and employment security - Bulgaria - Iskra Beleva and Vasil Tzanov

2001/29. Is inflation bad for income inequality: the importance of the initial rate of inflation - Rossana Galli and Rolph van der Hoeven

2001/28. Labour market flexibility and employment security – Poland - Eugeniusz Kwiatkowski, Mieczyslaw W. Socha and Urszula Sztanderska

2001/27. Labour market flexibility and employment security - Czech Republic - Jiri Vecernik

2001/26. Stable or unstable jobs: Has job stability decreased in industrialized countries? - Peter Auer, Sandrine Cazes and V. Spieza

2001/25. Labour market flexibility and employment security – Estonia - Reelika Arro, Raul Eamets, Janno Järve, Epp Kallaste and Kaia Philips

2001/24. Withdrawn

2001/23. Towards excessive job insecurity in transition economies? - Sandrine Cazes and Alena Nesporova

2001/22. Successes in anti-poverty: National-level poverty performance - Michael Lipton and Julie Litchfield

2001/21. Employment protection and labour market policies: Trade-offs or complementarities? The case of Denmark - Per Kongshøj Madsen

2001/20. Withdrawn

2001/19. Economic growth, social policy and work - Nomaan Majid

2001/18. Flexibility and commitment in the United States labour market - Paul Osterman

2001/17. Employment protection and labour market policies: Trade-offs or complementarities? The case of France - Bénédicte Galtier et Jérôme Gautié

2001/16. The size of the working poor in developing countries - Nomaan Majid

2001/15. Assessing labour market dynamics: European evidence - Thomas Kruppe

2001/14. Labour market policy for socially responsible workforce adjustment - Peter Auer

2001/13. Is minimum wage an effective tool to promote decent work and reduce poverty? The experience of selected developing countries - Catherine Saget

2001/12. Global economic inequality and international trade - Ajit K. Ghose

2001/11. Self-regulation in the workplace: Codes of conduct, social labelling and socially responsible investment - Michael Urminsky - Published as Self-regulation in the workplace : codes of conduct, social labelling and socially responsible investment

2001/10. Redistribution matters: Growth for poverty reduction - Hulya Dagdeviren, John Weeks and Rolph van der Hoeven

2001/9. The ILO and the informal sector: an institutional history - Paul E. Bangasser

2000/8. "Assessing aid" and global governance - Rolph van der Hoeven

2000/7. Achieving full employment in the transition economies - Geoffrey Renshaw

2000/6. Methods for producing world and regional estimates for selected key indicators of the labour market - Wes Schaible

2000/5. Productivity and unit labour comparisons: A database - Bart van Ark and Erik Monnikhof

2000/4. Poverty and Structural Adjustment Some Remarks on Tradeoffs between Equity and Growth - Rolph van der Hoeven

2000/3. Trade liberalization and manufacturing employment - Ajit K. Ghose

2000/2. Ageing of the labour force in OECD countries: Economic and social consequences - Peter Auer and Mariàngels Fortuny

2000/1. The impact of European integration on the development of national labour markets - Philip Raines