Labour Market Papers

Resource list | 23 April 2010

17. Wages and employment status flexibility in Mexican manufacturing industry - Gloria Moreno-Fontes

16. Effects of profit-sharing schemes on enterprise performance in France - Fathi Fakhfakh and Virginie Pérotin

15. Is child labour really necessary in India’s carpet industry? - Deborah Levison, Richard Anker, Shahid Ashraf and Sandya Barge

14. The “shake-out” in Russian factories: the RLFS fifth round, 1995 - Guy Standing

13. Economic performance, labour surplus and enterprise responses: results from the China enterprise survey - Lin Lean Lim, Gyorgy Sziraczki and Zhang Xiaojian

12. Labour market crisis in Ukrainian industry: the 1995 ULFS - Guy Standing and Laszlo Zsoldos

11. Indicators of cost-effectiveness of policy options for workers with disabilities - Alexander Samorodov

10. The firm, human development and market failure - Stephen C. Smith

9. Economic reform, employment and labour market policy in Viet Nam - Per Ronnäs and Orjan Sjöberg

8. Promoting the "Human Development Enterprise": Enterprise restructuring and corporate governance in Russian industry - Guy Standing

7. Economic transition and women’s employment in four central European countries, 1989-1994 - Liba Paukert

6. Canada’s employment programme and policies for persons with disabilities; a study of cost-effectiveness: qualitative and quantitative considerations - Carl Raskin

5. Kyrgyzstan: enterprise restructuring and labour shedding in a free- fall economy, 1991-1994 - James Windell, Richard Anker and Gyorgy Sziraczki

4. Privatization and employment: Labour transfer policies and practices in the Czech Republic - Liba Paukert

3. Emerging labour market policy in Kazakhstan - Gyorgy Sziraczki

2. Employment policies for transition to a market economy in China - Gyorgy Sziraczki and Anthony Twigger

1. Enterprise restructuring in Russian industry and mass unemployment: The RLFS fourth round, 1994 - Guy Standing