Employment and Training Papers

Resource list | 19 March 2010

56. Towards more flexibility in training: a review of some experiences in rationalizing the provision of vocational qualifications - Anatoly Tchaban (ed.), Jayati Ghosh

55. The Indian economic reform process and the implications of the Southeast Asian crisis - C. P. Chandrasekhar, Jayati Ghosh

54. The Netherlands: So what's so special about the Dutch model? - Joop Hartog

53. Denmark : flexibility, security and labour market success - Per Kongshøj Madsen

52. Austria: long-term success through social partnership - Karl Pichelmann, Helmut Hofer

51. Constraints to achieving full employment in Asia - Dipak Mazumdar

49. A framework for active labour market policy evaluation - Gaëlle Pierre

48. Employment protection and labour market adjustment in OECD countries : evolving institutions and variable enforcement - Sandrine Cazes, Tito Boeri, Giuseppe Bertola

47. China: prospects for full employment - Thomas G. Rawski

46. Policies to promote adequate employment in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) - Albert Berry, Maria Teresa Mendez

45. Governance and employment - Stephen Knack

44. Astonishing success: economic growth and the labour market in Ireland - Philip J. O’Connell

43. Learning to change: skills development among the economically vulnerable and socially excluded in developing countries - Paul Bennell

42. Youth unemployment and youth employment policies in Italy - Floro Ernesto Caroleo, Fernanda Mazzotta

41. Social security: an obstacle to full employment? - Werner Tegtmeier

40. The impact of trade and technology on the skill profile in Brazil and the Republic of Korea - Regina M.A.A. Galhardi

39. Employment, occupations and skills in increased international exposure: the Republic of Korea, 1970-90 - Byung-You Cheon

38. Labour market dynamics : a global survey of statistical activity - Peter Stibbard

37. Youth unemployment and youth labour market policies in Germany and Canada - Dominique M. Gross

36. Unemployment among youth in India: level, nature and policy implications - Pravin Visaria

35. Options for human resources development in Egypt : the labour market context : analysis of findings from the Egypt survey of human resources development - Chris Evans-Klock, Lin Lean Lim

34. Labour market policies in Asian countries : diversity and similarity among Singapore, Malaysia, the Republic of Korea and Japan - Takeshi Inagami

33. Ageing and labour markets for older workers - Alexander Samorodov

32. Regional and employment consequences of the defence industry transformation in East Central Europe - Yudit Kiss

31. Local development initiatives and the management of change in Europe - Frank Pyke

30. Argentina, MERCOSUR and jobs : economic integration, trade, growth and employment in 1990s - Ricardo J. Soifer

29. Labour market effects under CUFTA/NAFTA - Bruce Campbell, Andrew Jackson, Mehrene Larudee, Teresa Guttierez Haces

27. The role of the social partners in the design and implementation of active measures - Hugh Mosley, Tiziana Keller, Stefan Speckesser

26. Minimum wages and youth unemployment - Youcef Ghellab

25. The role of trade and technological change on the Canadian employment profile in a globalized context - Marie Lavoie

24. Worker displacement: public policy and labour-management initiatives in selected OECD countries - Christine Evans-Klock, Peggy Kelly, Peter Richards, Corinne Vargha

23. French youth unemployment: an overview - Catherine Bruno, Sandrine Cazes

21. Education, employment and training policies and programmes for youth with disabilities in four European countries - Clemens Russell

20. Youth unemployment in Hungary and Poland - Maarten Keune

19. Strategic training partnerships between the State and enterprises - Ayse G. Mitchell

18. Economic integration in Latin America: impact on labour - John Weeks

17. Labour standards and industrial restructuring in Western Europe - Philip Raines

16. The evaluation of active labour market measures for the long-term unemployed - Nigel Meager with Ceri Evans

15. Applying global best practice: workers and the "new" methods of production organization - Gijsbert van Liemt

14. Openness and structural dynamics of productivity and employment in developing countries : a case of de-industrialization ? - Ute Pieper

13. Jobs, technology and skill requirements in a globalized economy: country study on Singapore - Linda Low

12. Maquiladoras prospects of regional integration and globalization - Regina M. A. A. Galhardi

11. Opening, stabilization and the sectoral and skill structures of manufacturing employment in Brazil - Edward J. Amadeo, Marcelo Neri

10. State labour market intervention in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay: common model, different versions - Adriana Marshall

9. The continuing employment crisis in Kyrgyz manufacturing : analysis of findings from the second round of the Kyrgyz Republic survey of manufacturing establishments, 1993-1995 - Christine Evans-Klock

8. The structure of employment and structural employment in the Philippines – Joseph. Y. Lim and Manuel F. Montes

7. The challenge of youth unemployment - Niall O'Higgins

6. Employment, structural adjustment and sustainable growth in Mexico - Jaime Ros

5. The employment impact of external capital flows in developing countries – E. V. K. Fitzgerald and G. Mavrotas

4. Adjustment, stabilization and the structure of employment in Brazil - Edward J. Amadeo, Valéria Pero

3. Adjustment, employment and labour market institutions in Sub-Saharan Africa: An emerging consensus on consultative policy design? – Conference Report from ILO Regional Seminar in Kampala, Uganda (25-27 September 1996)

2. Women industrial workers in an opening economy: The case of Mexico – Gloria Moreno Fontes