Issues in Development Discussion Papers

Resource list | 17 March 2010

33. Pakistan: employment, output and productivity - Nomaan Majid

31. Competing with labour: skills and competitiveness in developing countries - Sanjaya Lall

30. Trabalho a domicilio: novas formas de contratação - Lena Lavinas, Bila Sorj, Leila Linhares, Angela Jorge

25. Urban sector in India: macro trends and policy perspectives - Amitabh Kundu

24. Financial crisis in East Asia: the end of the Asian model? - Ajith Singh

23. Indonesia: economic crisis, adjustment, employment and poverty - Rizwanul Islam

22. Poverty in China in the period of globalization: new evidence on trend and pattern - Azizur Rahman Khan

20. Informalization in advanced market economies - Saskia Sassen

19. Employment and poverty monitoring - Arjan de Haan and Julie Koch Laier

17. Reversing the decline of output and productive employment in rural sub-saharan Africa – A. R. Khan

16. Macroeconomic reform and employment: an investment-led strategy of structural adjustment in sub-saharan Africa – K. Griffin

15. Transition and the labour market in Uzbekistan – Hélène Harasty

14. Transition of Uzbekistan’s agriculture to a market policy – A. R. Khan

13. Macroeconomic framework and development strategy in Uzbekistan – K. Griffin

12. Promoting employment among the urban poor in Latin America and the Caribbean: a gender analysis – M. Buvinic

11. Gender issues in poverty alleviation: recent experiences with demand-based programs in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe – C. Graham

10. Public works programmes, a strategy for poverty alleviation: the gender dimension – A. K. Dejardin

9. Credit schemes for the rural poor: some conclusions and lessons from practice – S. Tilakaratna

8. Successes in anti-poverty – M. Lipton

7. Reflections on South Asian prospects in East Asian perspective – A. Saith

6. Poverty, equity and social welfare in Latin America: determinants of change over growth spells – A. Janvry and E. Sadoulet

3. Structural adjustment programmes and the urban informal sector in Ghana – S. D. Barwa

2. The impact of structural adjustment on the urban informal sector in Zimbabwe - Guy C.Z. Mhone

1. The Political Economy of Fighting Poverty - Paul Streeten