Employment Strategy Papers

Resource list | 15 March 2010

2006/3 Globalization, economic policy and employment: poverty and gender implications - James Heintz

2006/1 Labour market flexibility and employment and income security in Ethiopia: alternative considerations - Maria Sabrina De Gobbi

2005/20 Wage inequality by gender and occupation: a cross-country analysis - Marva Corley, Yves Perardel and Kalina Popova

2005/18 On the evolution of employment structure in developing countries - Nomaan Majid

2005/17 The FDI – employment link in a globalizing world: The case of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico - Christoph Ernst

2005/16 The end of the multi-fibre arrangement and its implication for trade and employment - Christoph Ernst, Alfons Hernández Ferrer and Daan Zult

2005/15 Trade liberalization, export orientation and employment in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico - Christoph Ernst

2005/14 Employment in China: recent trends and future challenges - Ajit K. Ghose

2005/13 The dynamics of the labour market and employment in Bangladesh: a focus on gender dimensions - Rushidan Islam Rahman with assistance of Naoko Otobe

2005/12 The employment intensity of growth: trends and macroeconomic determinants – Steven Kapsos

2005/11 Macroeconomic policies for higher employment in the era of globalization - Amit Bhaduri

2005/10 Towards a new balance between labour market flexibility and employment security for Egypt - Maria Sabrina De Gobbi and Alena Nesporova

2005/9 Youth employment in Viet Nam: characteristics, determinants and policy responses - Dang Nguyen Anh, Le Bach Duong and Nguyen Hai Van

2005/7 Characteristics and determinants of youth unemployment, underemploymant and inadequate employment in Ethiopia - Berhanu Denu, Abraham Tekeste and Hannah van der Deijl

2005/4 Towards a national action plan for youth employment in the Azerbaijan Republic - Martin Godfrey

2005/1 Protected mobility for employment and decent work: labour market security in a globalised world – Peter Auer

2004/19 School-to-work transition of youth in Sri Lanka - S. T. Hettige. Markus Mayer and Maleeka Salih

2004/18 What is the effect of trade openness on wages – Nomaan Majid

2004/17 Employment, productivity and output growth - Oliver Landmann

2004/16 Imputation, estimation and prediction using the Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) data set - Gustavo Crespi Tarantino

2004/15 Is a stable workforce good for the economy? : insight into the tenure-productivity-employment relationship - Peter Auer, Janine Berg and Ibrahim Coulibaly

2004/14 Estimating growth requirements for reducing working poverty: can the world halve working poverty by 2015? - Steven Kapsos

2004/13 Labour market policies and regulations in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico: programme and impacts: a comparative study in the framework of the global employment agenda - Adriana Marshall

2004/12 Reaching Millennium Goals: how well does agricultural productivity growth reduce poverty? – Nomaan Majid

2004/11 Capital inflows and investment in developing countries - Ajit K. Ghose

2004/9 Agricultural productivity growth, employment and poverty in developing countries, 1970-2000 - D. S. Prasado Rao, Timothy J. Coelli and Mohammad Alauddin

2004/8 Global employment trends for women, 2004 - Sara Elder and Dorothea Schmidt

2004/7 Industrial relations, social dialogue and employment in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico - Adalberto Cardoso

2004/6 The labour market effects of US FDI in developing countries - Robert E. Lipsey

2004/5 Global poverty estimates and the millennium goals: towards a unified framework - Massoud Karshenas

2004/4 Successful employment and labour market policies in Europe and Asia and the Pacific – Claire Harasty

2004/3 Employment and labour market effects of globalization: selected issues for policy management - Haroon Bhorat and Paul Lundall

2004/2 Macroeconomic reforms, labour markets and labour policies: Chile, 1973-2000- Guillermo Campero

2004/1 Macroeconomic reforms and a labour policy framework for India - Jayati Ghosh