Social Finance Working Papers

Resource list | 04 March 2010
76. Rokin Banks - 70 years of efforts to build an inclusive society in Japan through enhancing workers’ access to finance - Akira Kurimoto and Takashi Koseki; edited by Valerie Breda

75. Innovative finance: Putting your money to (decent) work  - Patrick Elmer, Monica Marino, Patricia Richter and Eileen Zhang

74. Financial inclusion and health: How the financial services industry is responding to health risks - Lisa Morgan and Craig Churchill

73. Labour Unions and the promotion of inclusive finance for workers - Diana Angulo Florez, Patrica Matzdorf and Zahid Qureshi

72. The Social Dimensions of Development Finance. Evidence from Africa and Asia / Pacific - ILO Social Finance

71. The Social Dimensions of Development Finance in Asia and the Pacific - Results of a survey among ADFIAP members - Paula Korth, Patricia Richter

70. The Social Dimensions of Development Finance in Africa - Results of a survey among AADFI members - Paula Korth, Patricia Richter

69. Microfinance and risk management: Impact evaluation of an integrated risk management and microinsurance client training TYM, Vietnam

68. Microfinance and risk management: Impact evaluation of a financial education programme, AMK Cambodia

67. Social Finance for Social Economy - Nathanael Ojöng

66. The importance of informal finance in promoting decent work among informal operators: A comparative study of Uganda and India - Michael Aliber

65. Microcredit in France: What impact does it have on employment? - Bernd Balkenhol and Camille Guézennec in collaboration with Frédéric Lainé and Louis Nouailles-Degorce

64. Le microcredit professionnel en France : quels effets sur l’emploi ? - Bernd Balkenhol et Camille Guézennec avec la collaboration de Frédéric Lainé et Louis Nouailles-Degorce

63. Le microcredit en France et en Europe en 2030 : La création d’emploi par la promotion de l’entrepreneuriat - Bernd Balkenhol et Georges Gloukoviezoff

62. Microfinance and Formalisation of Enterprises in the Informal Sector - Markus Olapade

61. Labour unions and financial inclusion in South Africa - How labour unions facilitate the provision of financial services for their members - Doubell Chamberlain, Sandisiwe Ncube, Nokwanda Mahori, Mia Thom (editorial input)

60. Microfinance and women entrepreneurship: an impact assessment of a start-up loan programme, IMON International, Tajikistan - Robin Gravesteijn

59. Microfinance and Formalisation of Enterprises in the Informal Sector: Awareness raising campaign and BDS for the formalisation and strengthening of growth-oriented enterprises - Social Finance Programme & Mannheim University

58. Microinsurance and Child Labour: An impact evaluation of NRSP’s (Pakistan) microinsurance innovation - Markus Frölich, Andreas Landmann, Hillery Midkiff, Valerie Breda

57. Microfinance and job creation: A social performance assessment of a new loan delivery mechanism, Bai Tushum, Kyrgyzstan – Social Finance Programme & Robin Gravesteijn

56. Strategies for unions to provide benefits and financial services to workers: Experiences in the United States - Richard C. Koven

55. ROKIN Bank: The story of workers’ organizations that successfully promote financial inclusion - Shoko Ikezaki

54. Walking on a tightrope: Balancing MF financial sustainability and poverty orientation in Mali - Renata Serra and Fabrizio Botti

53. Microfinance and Child Labour - Jonas Blume and Julika Breyer

52 a. Moldovan Migrants in Italy: Remittances and the Role of the Labour Market Partners - Thomas Kring
Also available in Italian

52. Formalisation through micro-finance: an empirical study in Egypt - Nicolas Gachet

51. Trade unions and financial inclusion: the case of South Africa - Cédric Ludwig

50. The contribution of migrant organisations to income-generating activities in their countries of origin - Kirsten Schüttler

49. Financial arrangements in informal apprenticeships: determinants and effects: findings from urban Ghana - J. Breyer

48. The poor and voluntary long term contractual savings: lessons from South Africa - J. Roth, R. Rusconi, N. Shand

47. Les syndicats et l’inclusion financière: Le cas de l’Afrique du Sud - Cédric Ludwig

46. Assessing indebtedness: results from a pilot survey among steelworkers in São Paulo - Bonnie Brusky, Reginaldo Sales Magalhães

45. The impact of liberalisation policies on access to microfinance: the case of Peru - Alberto Didoni

44. Overindebtedness in Germany - Oliver J. Haas

43. Surendettement des particuliers en France : quels rôles pour les syndicats? - Georges Gloukoviezoff et Social Finance Programme

42. Linking debt relief to microfinance: an issues paper - Danny Cassimon and Jos Vaessen

41. Microlending in Germany - Claudia Kreuz

40. Etude sur le transfert dargent des emigres au Senegal et les services de transfert en microfinance - Cerstin Sander and Issa Barro

39. Savings and credit associations and remittances : the case of Far West Nepalese labour migrants in Delhi, India - Susan Thieme

38. Migrant worker remittances and microfinance in Bangladesh - Tasneem Siddiqui, Chowdhury R. Abrar

37. The role of a professional association in mutual microfinance: the case of Madagascar - Maria Sabrina de Gobbi

36. How trustable are West African mutual savings and loan institutions?: an application of the PASMEC databank - Francesco L. Galassi and Dominique M. Gross

35. Property rights and collateral: how gender makes a difference - Bankers Institute of Rural Development, Lucknow, India

34. Private equity and capitalisation of SMMEs in South Africa: quo vadis? - Ebony Consulting International

33. South African microinsurance case-study – Michael Aliber

32. Microfinance et autonomie féminine - Isabelle Guerin

31. The demand for risk-managing financial services in low-income communities: evidence from Zambia - Lemmy Manje, Craig Churchill

30. A field study of microinsurance in the Philippines - Eloisa A. Barbin, Christopher Lomboy, Elmer S. Soriano

29. Micro-insurance in Burkina Faso - Michael Aliber, Alitou Ido

28. Equipment finance for small contractors in public work programmes - Linda Deelen, Kwaku Osei Bonsu

27. Financial intermediation: a contributing factor to economic growth and employment - Dominique M. Gross

26. Collateral, collateral law and collateral substitutes - Bernd Balkenhol and Haje Schütte

25. Microfinance strategies for HIV/AIDS mitigation and prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa - Amy McDonagh

24. Institutional Assessment for NGOs and self-help Organisations Managing Guarantee schemes - Social Finance Programme, ILO

23. Micro-finance and the empowerment of women: a review of the key issues - Linda Mayoux

22. Informal micro-finance schemes: the case of funeral insurance in South Africa - Jimmy Roth

21. Migrant worker remittances, micro-finance and the informal economy: prospects and issues - Shivani Puri, Tineke Ritzema

20. International Labour Standards and Micro-finance: A Review - Hema Menon

19. The use of control groups in impact assessments for microfinance - Paul Mosley

18. Guarantee funds and NGOs : promise and pitfalls : a review of the key issues - Michiel Bastiaenen and Peter Van Rooij

17. The performance of the Lesotho credit union movement: internal financing and external capital inflow - P. Sparreboom-Burger

16. Migrant worker remittances in Lesotho: a review of the deferred pay scheme - P. Sparreboom-Burger and T. Sparreboom

15. Assessing the efficiency and outreach of micro-finance schemes - R.T. Chua and G.M.Llanto

14. Effects of using credit unions as onlending agents for external lines of credit: the experience of the international credit union movement - K. J. Morris

13. Credit unions as channels of micro-credit lines : The Philippine case - M.B. Lamberte

12. Using credit unions as conduits for micro-enterprise lending: Latin-American insights - D. W. Adams

11. On the theory of credit cooperatives: equity and onlending in a multi-tier system: a concept paper - J.P. Krahnen and R.H. Schmidt

10. Expansion of rural financial services: the development of a community-based rural credit union network in the Dominican Republic (1984-1993) - Jeffrey Poyo

9. Monitoring guidelines for semi-formal financial institutions active in small enterprise finance - B. Wesselink

8. Structures mutualistes d’epargne et de credit dans l’union monetaire ouest-africaine (UMOA) - I. F. Camara

7. Pratiques bancaires dans les operations de credit avec les petites et moyennes entreprises en Afrique de l’ouest - B. Balkenhol and C. Lecointre

6. PME et institutions financières islamiques - I. Ba

5. Les pratiques du marché parallèle du crédit au Sénégal : Leçons pour le système bancaire - B. Hane and M.L. Gaye

4. Les banquiers ambulants au Bénin - M.A. Adechoubou and S.N. Tomety

3. Mécanismes de collecte de l'épargne et de financement de l'entrepreneuriat informel et formel par les banquiers ambulants au Togo - D. A. Soedjede

2. Tontines and the banking system: is there a case for building linkages? - B. Balkenhol and E. H. Gueye

1. Banquiers ambulants et opération 71 au Togo et au Bénin - D. Gentil et al.