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Ms Lejla Tanovic
UN House  

Zmaja od Bosne b.b. Street
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is under the responsibility of the ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team and Country Office for Central and Eastern Europe.

The ILO and Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    About the ILO in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    One of the most challenging labour markets in the region

    Although the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina has been expanding steadily in the past few years, job creation has not kept up and the country shows one of the most challenging labour market situations in the region. Employment rates remain low (46% for age 15-64, 2019). Unemployment is high despite a downward trend in recent years (16% in 2020), e especially among youth (34 % in 2019). The country has one of the lowest female employment rates in the Balkans (around 35%, age 15-64, 2019). The share of informal employment in total employment is relatively high (30%). The outward migration coupled with a rapidly aging population put a strain on the social security systems, challenging their sustainability over the long-term.   Continue reading