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  1. Project

    Forced Labour and Trafficking: the Role of Labour Institutions in Law Enforcement and International Cooperation in China

    01 January 2005

    The project aims to enhance the capacity of the Government of China to improve the law enforcement in human trafficking cycle, building on the data-gathering, victim identification, law and policy, and operational activities that the ILO has been carrying out in recent years.

  2. Publication

    Research report on wage determination and workplace management in China

    30 October 2004

    According to the ILO Questionnaires on Wage Determination and Workplace Management in China, the ACFTU has selected 11 enterprises in the City of Suzhou and done a case study. The methods include site investigation, questionaire and seminar.

  3. Statement

    Opening remarks to the 2nd China International Forum on Work Safety and China International Occupational Safety and Health Exhibition

    02 September 2004

    by Ms Christine Evans-Klock, Director, ILO Subregional Office for East Asia

  4. Press release

    China Employment Forum : China employment forum concludes with focus on decent work for all

    30 April 2004

    China and the ILO adopts a joint statement aimed at forging greater cooperation to create more and better jobs, describing “full and decent employment” as the key to continued development in the world’s most populous country.

  5. Press release

    China Employment Forum : China forum to address employment, migration issues

    27 April 2004

    The China Employment Forum, implemented together with the ILO, consider strategy for meeting the challenges of globalization addressing employment and migration issues.

  6. Project

    Informal Economy, Poverty and Employment: an Integrated Approach

    01 February 2004

    The project seeks to achieve its broader goal to reduce poverty through improving the quantity and quality of decent work opportunities for women and men in informal economy.

  7. Publication

    Training and Employment of People with Disabilities: Hong Kong SAR 2002

    01 December 2003

    AbilityAsia Country Study Series by Deborah Wan

  8. Publication

    Assisting disabled persons in finding employment: a practical guide

    01 January 2003

    Intended for vocational guidance and placement personnel in governmental and non-governmental employment services, provides general advice on helping job-seekers with disabilities.

  9. Publication

    Placement of job-seekers with disabilities: elements of an effective service

    01 January 2003

    Reviews recent international trends in the promotion of employment opportunities for people with disabilities and sets out a policy and legislative framework and the key components of placement service.

  10. Publication

    People's Republic of China - Review of the urban social security system

    30 March 2002

    This report is part of the Memorandum of Understanding concluded between the ILO and the Ministry of Labour and social Security in 2001. It constitutes a technical review on all social security schemes of the MOLSS in China PR. Its focus at the national level is completed by an explicit review of provincial experiences for Liaoning in the North-East, Guangdong on the central East Coast and Sichuan in the South.