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Capacity training to equip labour inspectors and child monitoring officers to combat child labour in Mongolia

On the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labour, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, in partnership with the International Labour Organization and World Vision, is organizing a series of capacity training workshops for labour inspectors and child monitoring officers.

The objective of the training is to enhance the knowledge and proficiency of labour inspectors and children's monitoring officers regarding the enforcement of child labor provisions as specified in the current Labour Law (2021), in addition to the ILO Conventions on child labor (No. 138 and No. 182), and other relevant domestic laws and regulations. By deepening their understanding of the legal frameworks, labour inspectors and child monitoring officers will be better equipped to fulfill their roles in inspecting and monitoring workplaces for child labour issues. This capacity development intervention will contribute to the effective enforcement of the Labour Law.]

The training program consists of two two-day courses scheduled to take place on 13-14 and 15-16 June 2023. It will train 150 inspectors and officers from 21 aimags (provinces), 9 districts, and Ulaanbaatar city. The primary focus of the training will be to strengthen the attendees' capacities in selecting high-risk sectors, planning with limited resources, and effectively conducting inspections and monitoring activities in workplaces. Additionally, the training aims to improve collaboration and coordination between labour inspectors and child monitoring officers.

Ms. Bharati Pflug, an ILO senior specialist in fundamental principles and rights at work based in BKK, will participate in the training and provide her expertise on the ILO Conventions on child labour (No. 138 and No. 182) and child labour monitoring.