Ratify C190

For a World of Work Free from Violence and Harassment

This panel discussion is to advocate and raise awareness about violence and harassment in world of work and promote ratification of ILO C190 concerning violence and harassment, the very first international treaty to recognize the right of everyone to a world of work free from violence and harassment, including gender-based violence and harassment.

Mongolia has made a significant progress on legislative framework of labour relations as well as protection of fundamental principles and rights at work by adopting the new Labour Law in July 2021. This new law has a number of champion provisions including prevention and prohibition of harassment and violence at workplaces. Nonetheless, knowledge and attitudes of employers and workers including civil servants towards sexual harassment have been inadequate, and violence and harassment at work is frequently taking place. This is evidenced by a number of recent studies. For instance, according to the 2021 study conducted by the National Human Rights Commission among 3,000 civil servants, 78% of the total respondents lacked information related with prevention and addressing of sexual harassment, and one fourth of them reported that they experienced violence and harassment at least once in the past.

This panel discussion is to raise public awareness about zero tolerance to violence and harassment at work, and promote ratification of ILO C190 where the Government and workers and employers each have distinct responsibilities and complementary roles to play to eliminate violence and harassment. Only by working together, the chance of achieving world of work free from violence and harassment is greater.


On policy framework:
Ms A.Ariunzaya, Minister for Labour and Social Protection
Ms Kh.Bulgantuya, Member of Parliament
Mr Ts.Munkh-Orgil, Member of Parliament
Ms D.Sunjid, National Human Rights Commissioner
Mr Kh.Amgalanbaatar, President of Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions
Mr Kh.Ganbaatar, Executive Director of Mongolian Employers’ Federation

On civil society perspective:
Ms Kh.Nomingerel, Women for Change, NGO
Mr B.Bolorsaikhan, Human rights defender
Ms N.Baasanjav, Lawyer
Ms S.Dondov, Monfemnet National Women’s Network, NGO
Ms Sh.Ariunaa, Mongolian Women’s Employment Supporting Federation