ILO/MONEF Introductory Meeting on the IN BUSINESS Programme

This online meeting aims at providing orientation to the IN BUSINESS programme to staff of the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF).

MONEF staff
In recognition of the important role Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) play as advocates for an enabling business environment and the private sector as a principal source of economic growth and job creation, the ILO’s Bureau for Employers Activities (ACT/EMP) and Enterprises Department have collaborated to develop a dedicated programme of support for EBMOs to enhance their training and advisory services.

The programme, branded IN BUSINESS, is an innovative service offer that can be extended by EBMOs without the need for subject-matter experts or costly international consultants to ensure the services success. Instead, the programme adopts an activity-based, facilitated group learning methodology to reduce the time, resource and capacity constraints the face more traditional training offers.

Within the framework of the ILO RBSA project on Promoting Formal Employment for Inclusive and Diversified Economic Growth in Mongolia (MNG/18/01/RBS), the ILO is supporting MONEF to pilot this new training programme and related tools to assist micro and small business units in the informal economy.

Objectives of the meeting

  • To provide orientation to IN BUSINESS
  • To share specific country experiences
  • To discuss key points of a business and sustainability plan


MONEF staff members will attend the meeting.
Participants of the session