Mongolia resources

August 2006

  1. ILO/IPEC Best Practice and Lessons learnt: National Programme for Prevention and Elimination of Child Labour in Mongolia, II Phase

    The report shares best practices and lessons learnt of 21 projects implemented by the Government, employers' and workers' organizations, non-government organizations and universities and colleges in the area of child labour advocacy, capacity development, child labour monitoring and community participation and partnership in elimination of the worst forms of child labour, implemented under ILO/IPEC project II phase (2002-2005) with the financial support of the US Department of Labor. The report is available only in Mongolian.

  2. Baseline survey on child and adult workers in informal gold and fluorspar mining

    The baseline survey was conducted with financial assistance of IPEC, ILO and professional assistance of Regional SIMPOC expert, ILO based at SRO-New Delhi, India.

January 2006

  1. National Plan of Action for Decent Work in Mongolia

    In order to meet the challenges ahead, in the areas of ILO mandate, Mongolia is in the process of finalizing the "National Plan of Action for Decent Work in Mongolia, 2005-2008". The Plan builds on the major policy work already conducted by the Government of Mongolia.

  2. Decent Work Country Programme in Mongolia

    Contributing to realizing decent work in Mongolia.

  3. National occupational safety and health profile of Mongolia

    Provides comprehensive view of all issues related to occupational safety and health in Mongolia.

November 2005

  1. Guidelines for Developing Child Labour Monitoring Processes

    The guideline provides information on how to design, develop and operate child labour monitoring ans describes a genetic model of the process of child labour monitoring along with practical examples that will help you to adopt the model to specific child labour situations.

September 2005

  1. Support to the Proposed National Sub-programme to Eliminate the Worst Forms of Child Labour: Time-Bound Measures

    30 September 2005 - 31 May 2010

    The project aims at strengthening the enabling environment for national action against the worst forms of child labour and developing the area based integrated interventions model to elimainte the worst forms of child labour at the local level by removing and preventing at least 6000 boys and girls at risk or engaged in the worst forms of child labour.

August 2005

  1. Baseline survey on child domestic workers in Mongolia

    The main objective with the collection of primary data is to be able to estimate the urban incidence of CDWs in Ulaanbaatar and to estimate the rural incidence of CDWs in the three selected rural aimags. The survey results are expected to clarify the differences in the realities facing child domestic workers in urban and rural areas in Mongolia.

January 2005

  1. Labour migration 2003-2005: the work of the ILO to improve labour migration management policy and protection of migrant workers in East Asia

    An overview of ILO´s work on labour migration management policy and protection of migrant workers, helping governments, workers' and employers' organizations to take action on migration and trafficking in East Asia.

February 2004

  1. Informal Economy, Poverty and Employment: an Integrated Approach

    1 February 2004 - 30 June 2006

    The project seeks to achieve its broader goal to reduce poverty through improving the quantity and quality of decent work opportunities for women and men in informal economy.