Mongolia resources

September 2020

  1. FAO

  2. CMTU

  3. MONEF

  4. MLSP

  5. Training of Voluntary Social Insurance Advisors from Selected Workplaces in the Informal Economy

    16 - 17 September 2020

    This training aims at increasing awareness of the social insurance schemes in the informal sector through voluntary advisors.

  6. Extending Social Protection to Herders: Training of Trainers

    8 - 10 September 2020

    Training of Trainers on extending social protection to herders organized on 8-10 September 2020, Terelj, Mongolia

August 2020

  1. Call for Proposals No. MON-RFP-2020-001

  2. ILO/EU GSP+3 project news

    The newsletter summarizes the project activities and contains useful links to all the resources produced with the support of the project.

July 2020

  1. 3-R trainers' kit: Rights, responsibilities and representation for children, youth and families

    The Mongolian edition of 3-R Trainers’ Kit on Rights, Responsibilities and Representation for Children, Youth and Families is an interactive training tool for use in communities with children, youth and families, especially those at risk of child labour and trafficking of children and women for labour or sexual exploitation.

  2. ILO/MLSP Hands-on Training session on ILS Reporting

    29 July 2020

    This is an annual session on ILS reporting for members of the Tripartite Sub-Committee on Application of International Labour Standards and key government officials in Mongolia.