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  1. Social security

    Validation of social security research findings in Lao PDR

    22 September 2023

    On 27 July 2023, the ILO/Korea Partnership Programme held a workshop to validate the findings of its research on social security in Lao PDR. There were many notable findings such as the weak enforcement of laws, limited communications and understanding of social security, no system of incentives to motivate workers and enterprises to join, and lack of inspections or sanctions on those who do not comply with the law. The research analyses the characteristics of and reasons for the widespread informality and recommends tailored strategies to strengthen the social security system.

  2. Social security

    Informal workers can access social security in Lao PDR

    22 September 2023

    Around 9 out of every 10 workers in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic are not covered by social security. The International Labour Organization, in collaboration with Homenet Laos, conducted research to better understand the nature of informality and how to expand social security to informal workers.

  3. Social security

    Indonesian Inspiration: Lessons for Lao PDR on social security

    22 September 2023

    Lao government officials and civil society, with support from the ILO/Korea Partnership Programme, visited Indonesia on 21-24 August 2023 to learn about its social security system. The visit provided lessons on expanding coverage to informal workers, tailored communications, digital services, and good governance and administration. It was hosted by Indonesia’s Social Security Administrator for Employment (BPJS Ketenagakerjaan).

  4. Youth employment

    170,900 youths will directly benefit from industry-driven skills development, entrepreneurship and enterprise development and employment services to be provided by the “Decent Employment for Youth in Cambodia” programme phase 2

    11 September 2023

    The “Decent Employment for Youth in Cambodia” programme phase 2 (DEY II) was initiated to address the challenges of youth employment in Cambodia and prepare young people for the future of work.

  5. Occupational safety and health

    Tutorial on using the handbook to establish model enterprise clinics

    24 August 2023

    Since 2013, ILO has been working with the Government of Bangladesh and industry partners for ensuring the well-being of workers within workplaces. This significant partnership has led to the creation of a comprehensive handbook with a checklist for establishing model enterprise clinics inside RMG industries. This tutorial will guide the industry partners on how to efficiently manage model enterprise clinics at the factories.

  6. Social inclusion

    Financing mechanisms for social inclusion in TVET and skills systems

    17 August 2023

    Disadvantaged people often face higher barriers to access and participate in skills development systems. The ILO report 'Financing mechanisms for promoting social inclusion in skills and lifelong learning systems' sheds light on financing mechanisms that can tackle these inequality woes.

  7. A Just Transition

    Shared roles and responsibilities of workers’ organizations in times of a Just Transition from chemical and pharmaceutical industries in Malaysia

    15 August 2023

  8. A Just Transition

    Introducing the "Just Transition Toolkit" for the Textile and Garment Supply Chain in Asia

    10 August 2023

    This is a compelling video that offers an insightful overview of the "Just Transition Toolkit" released by the International Labour Organization (ILO) as part of the Decent Work in Garment Supply Chains Asia project.

  9. Employment promotion

    Rural Employment Promotion Project launch

    09 August 2023

    Mohammad Khairul Islam, the REP project manager explains about the project implementation in phase 1 which will implement in 3 provinces: Luang Prabang; Savannakhet; and Champasak, Lao People's Democratic Republic.

  10. Social security

    Mobile offices to provide social security services in rural communities

    08 August 2023

    Loveleen De, Social Protection Project Manager, Lao People’s Democratic Republic explains a pilot project to serve agricultural and home-based workers who have difficulty travelling to the Lao Social Security Offices to register or claim benefits. To make it easy for villagers, LSSO travels to the villages with the mobile service and brings the services closer to the people.