Impact stories

August 2023

  1. Skills training proved to be a transformative experience for Rozen

    09 August 2023

    Skills training breathed new life into Rozen's existence, offering hope, growth, and a pathway to success. It exemplifies the remarkable transformation that skills development can bring to individuals, empowering them to reach their full potential and embrace a brighter, more fulfilling life.

July 2023

  1. Strengthening qualification frameworks and recognition of qualifications: Sri Lanka's path to global integration

    17 July 2023

  2. How vocational education and training gave me the skills for success

    11 July 2023

    Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) can be a window of opportunity for young people searching for decent work across wide a range of occupational fields and production services.

June 2023

  1. An Indonesian student warns her community of the risks of forced labour at sea

    28 June 2023

    The communications trainings of the ILO’s 8.7 Accelerator Lab programme have inspired a 20-year-old communications student to campaign about labour rights of fishers in her fishing community to break the longstanding myth about working at sea.

May 2023

  1. Life experiences help Filipino workers avoid pitfalls of migration

    17 May 2023

    Two women who have survived violence and discrimination help Overseas Filipino Workers and their families through the Migrant Worker Resource Centre.

April 2023

  1. Capacity & connection: The power of women-centred networking

    03 April 2023

    Through the ILO’s Rebuilding Better project, Malaysian entrepreneur Sofea has gained new skills, broadened her business perspectives, and found a community of support from like-minded women.

March 2023

  1. Overcoming adversity, embracing innovation: Filipino entrepreneur “flips” her businesses

    01 March 2023

    ILO’s Flip Your Biz programme taught Cathy Turvill to look beyond her passion and evaluate the financial viability of her business, which she nearly lost during the pandemic.

February 2023

  1. Small but fierce

    11 February 2023

    A Thai woman entrepreneur tells the story of how she resisted the temptation to give up on her business and instead committed to improving her skills and adapting her business strategy during COVID-19.

January 2023

  1. Shoring up the foundation for a safe, inclusive learning environment

    31 January 2023

    Training to create a convenient platform to report sexual harassment on campus and a capacity-building exchange to the UK made a huge difference in one Indonesian woman’s life.

  2. Growing businesses beyond their hometown

    17 January 2023

    The ILO-UK Skills for Prosperity Programme has helped Malaysia’s local Sabahans supercharge their entrepreneurial, marketing and food processing skills.