Occupational Safety and Health

Tripartite consultation on the priority setting of National Occupational Safety and Health Programme of Lao People's Democratic Republic

ILO/Korea Partnership Programme, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare (MoLSW) in Lao People's Democratic Republic, organized a one day tripartite workshop on 18th February 2022 in an hybrid format to consult tripartite partners and relevant ministries on the development of 3rd national occupational safety and health (OSH) programme.

The ILO consultant shared the findings of the evaluation of the past national OSH programmes including the achievements and gaps, as well as the analysis of the 2nd national OSH profile developed in 2021. It was followed by the presentations from MoLSW, employers’ organization and workers’ organization on their priorities in the area of OSH. A total of 40 participants then discussed in the 4 small groups the mission, vision and priorities for the 3rd national OSH programme.

The workshop concluded with the overall agreement on the areas of priority which included: updating legal framework; improving collection and use of OSH data; and awareness raising and capacity building on OSH including COVID-19 response.

HE.Phongsaysack INTHALATH ,Vice Minister of MoLSW, emphasized the importance of the national OSH Programme for Lao People's Democratic Republic as a strong driver to address OSH challenges in Lao People's Democratic Republic in his opening remarks. National OSH programme would be a key tool for continuous upgrading of the national OSH system of Lao People's Democratic Republic and also a significant milestone for the ratification of C155 and C187.