Social Protection

ILO-UNDESA-Korea and GS-NSPC Training on Monitoring and Evaluation for Social Protection

The ILO-NSPC General Secretariat Training on Monitoring and Evaluation for Social Protection Workshop took place on 13 - 14 August 2019 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The training was facilitated by ILO Senior Social Protection Specialist, ILO-Geneva M&E Expert and an international consultant. The training was attended by 34 participants including 5 female from various Government institutions involved in Social Protection. The workshop provides an overview of social protection and monitoring evaluation to all participants before delving deep into the topic of monitoring and evaluation for social protection. Participants were introduced to various social protection M&E indicators and to interpret and read these indicators. Participants were also given a hands on activity to work on a case study and to interpret various indicators and draft a report for the training facilitators. The participants benefited greatly from the training and developed a deeper understanding of M&E and the challenges to operationalise the social protection monitoring and evaluation framework. They are deeply appreciative of the contribution from ILO/Korea Partnership Programme for the funding and the organisation of the training to build capacity and help in the development of M&E for social protection in Cambodia.


  • To introduce monitoring and evaluation for social protection systems
  • To equip the participants with an understanding of SP M&E indicators
  • To enable participants to interpret SP M&E indicators and to identify the insights for reporting

Expected outputs from the workshop are:

  • Participants to understand the importance of M&E
  • Participants to be able to identify gaps in existing social protection M&E framework
  • Participants to be able to read and interpret indicators and to investigate and identify the cause for the indicator outputs.