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ILO-NSSF Information Technology Workstream Workshop

The ILO-NSSF IT Workstream Workshop took place on 22 - 24 July 2019 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The workshop was led by an international consultant on digital transformation and was attended by 12 participants from NSSF IT Division. The workshop provides an introduction to enterprise architecture and to discuss the various characteristics of a modern enterprise architecture. Through the workshop, members of the NSSF IT Workstream begin to document down the various layers of NSSF enterprise architecture with the assistance of the international consultant. The team was tasked to populate the NSSF enterprise architecture dossier which will be reviewed by the international consultant and be used as a living document to craft NSSF IT strategy in the coming years. NSSF IT Workstream team is appreciative of the contribution from ILO/Korea Partnership Programme for the funding and the organisation of the workshop to build capacity within NSSF IT Division.


  • To introduce NSSF IT Workstream team on enterprise architecture and its importance
  • To equip the NSSF IT Workstream team with a basic understanding of enterprise architecture to assist in the production of NSSF Enterprise Architecture dossier
  • To enable the NSSF IT Workstream team to complete the mapping of NSSF Level 1-2 business processes to help prioritise the processes for the NSSF Business Process team’s work

Expected outputs from the workshop are:

  • Participants to have an understanding of EA within an organisation
  • Participants to be able to populate the basic layers of Enterprise Architecture
  • Participants to complete the mapping of NSSF Level 1 and Level 2 business processes and to direct the business processes team in their review