Social Protection

The ILO-SSO-NHSO Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Social Protection

The ILO-SSO-NHSO knowledge sharing workshop took place on 28 Juy-1 August 2019 in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. In line with a strategy for South-South and triangular cooperation (SSTC), the workshop aimed to encourage discussions and interactions between stakeholders from Myanmar, the ILO and Thai experts in the form of triangular dimension of cooperation. The workshop was led by the ILO Senior Social Protection Specialist, along with officials and experts from the Social Security Office (SSO) and the National Health Security Office (NHSO) of Thailand. The contributions the ILO/Korea Partnership Programme made in the region was also highlighted during the workshop.


• Tripartite constituents from Myanmar gain broader knowledge on the ILO Social Security Standards.
• Tripartite constituents from Myanmar understand the institutional arrangements of SSO and NHSO of Thailand in relation to the provision of social protection benefits and health care services to insured workers and general population.
• Myanmar tripartite constituents familiarise themselves with the institutional and contextual nature of the Thailand Social Security Scheme (SSS), Universal Health-Care Coverage Scheme (UCS) and its related mechanisms.

The expected outputs from the workshop are as follows:

• For the Myanmar tripartite participants to gain a broad knowledge of the key issues relating to the provision of social protection benefits to develop a firm understanding of the main roles and responsibilities of the SSB and social actors.
• To strengthen professional networks and partnerships between Myanmar and to nurture further exchanges of knowledge, technology and resources between two countries.
• For Myanmar to extend the coverage of existing social insurance schemes to formal workers and their dependents with the support of the ILO.