Singapore resources

January 2022

  1. ILO Migrant Worker Resource Centre (MRC) Map

    The ILO delivers assistance directly to migrant workers and their communities through a network of Migrant Worker Resource Centres (MRCs) across the ASEAN region. These MRCs are managed in partnership with government institutions, trade unions and civil society organizations (CSOs), and provide a range of services in countries of origin and destination. As of 01 January 2022, the ILO supports or provides specific services at 51 locations across nine countries.

December 2021

  1. Recovery and labour migration in the post-pandemic future

    Thematic background paper for the 14th ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour

  2. Extending social health protection: Accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage in Asia and the Pacific

    This regional report documents and analyses country experiences and lessons on the extension of social health protection coverage in the Asia and the Pacific region. It provides a detailed account of progress made, challenges encountered and remaining coverage gaps, and explores their root causes.

  3. Development and formalization in Asia: Insights from Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore

    This report examines the historical socio-economic pathways that facilitated the creation of labour markets that were dominantly formal in nature in three advanced economies – Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore. The case studies emphasize the complementarities between national political economy and labour market dynamics and draws lessons, where possible, for the emerging economies of today that strive to accelerate the closing of formality gaps.

November 2021

  1. International Labour Organization and Singapore's Mininstry of Manpower renew cooperation agreement

    Joint labour-related activities to support governments, employers and workers throughout the ASEAN region

October 2021

  1. Labour productivity trends in Asia and the Pacific highlight uneven COVID-19 impacts

    Enhanced labour productivity is key to boost living standards and is prioritized in the Sustainable Development Goals. In Asia and the Pacific, growth in labour productivity has been instrumental in reducing poverty in recent decades.

September 2021

  1. International Conference to Commemorate International Migrants Day 2021

    17 December 2021

    The Asian Research Center for Migration in the Institute of Asian Studies at Chulalongkorn University hosts its annual conference to commemorate International Migrants' Day on 17 December 2021.

  2. Seventh technical Meeting of Focal Points on International Labour Migration Statistics in ASEAN

    22 - 23 September 2021

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) organizes the Seventh Technical Meeting of Focal Specialists on International Labour Migration Statistics in ASEAN on 22 and 23 September 2021. The meeting is supported by Global Affairs Canada (GAC) through the ILO's TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme.

  3. Recommendations of the 14th ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour

    These are the recommendations of the 14th ASEAN Forum on Migrant Labour, held at Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam and virtual on 6 and 8 September 2021.

  4. Getting older: Confronting Asia and the Pacific’s ageing labour force

    Asia and the Pacific’s ageing population is a trend that is expected to steadily increase. Ageing societies means older labour forces and higher old-age dependency ratios, increasing the pressures on economies to close pension and social protection coverage gaps.