Maldives resources

May 2009

  1. Republic of Maldives joins the ILO

    The Republic of Maldives has become the 183rd member State of the ILO, the United Nations agency that deals with work and workplace issues.

January 2008

  1. Global employment trends 2008

    South Asia could end poverty in a generation, but only if economic development is accompanied by inclusive labour market policies, according to a new report by the ILO.

September 2007

  1. Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) in South Asia

    South Asia shows significant progress in productivity and working poverty, but low female labour force participation misses productivity potential

January 2007

  1. ILO releases Global Employment Trends 2007: South Asia faces growing gender unemployment gap & challenge of creating jobs.

    The number of people unemployed worldwide remained at an historic high in 2006, despite strong global economic growth