The ILO in Singapore

Singapore joined the ILO in 1965. The ILO’s work in the country focuses on supporting the tripartite constituents with cross-national knowledge-sharing and training activities. The aim is to develop a south-south triangular cooperation model with other ASEAN Member States, to address labour-related issues.

Since June 2011 the ILO and Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM) signed Partnership Agreement which was consecutively renewed in 2014 and 2016. The Partnership Agreements were designed to improve labour and workplace practices in Southeast Asia, particularly in the areas of, occupational safety and health, tripartism and social dialogue. Under the agreement a series of activities were organized, including the sharing of information and good practices, research, fellowship, training, study visits and workshops.

Technical cooperation initiatives are conducted through the ILO’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, with the involvement of technical specialists from the ILO’s Decent Work Team in Bangkok, Thailand. The major outcomes include: