RBCLAC Proyect

RBCLAC Fund for the promotion of responsible business conduct in Latin America and the Caribbean

About the Fund

This fund will favour proposals for activities that bring together individual efforts of different stakeholders, and particularly, but not limited to, initiatives that foster collaboration between the local network of Euro cameras or the Chambers of Commerce of the EU Member States and LAC employers and business membership organizations. The proposals to be financed will also contribute to raising awareness about the positive benefits and impacts of RBC among governments, businesses (including SMEs), employers 'and workers' organizations and other civil society actors.

Specific Objectives

  • Facilitate collaboration between RBC initiatives.
  • Facilitate or develop activities conceived and executed by lucrative semi-fin entities that promote and strengthen RBC practices implemented by businesses in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, including, among others, SMEs.

Application stages

The application process for the RBCLAC Fund for the promotion of Responsible Business Conduct in Latin America and the Caribbean is divided into two stages. All applicants must complete a form that summarizes the relevancy of their organization for this project, and include a brief presentation for the project they seek to finance. Based on the information provided in the first round of submissions, qualifying applicant projects will be selected for further review. Shortlisted applicants will be informed in a timely manner. Those that are selected must then complete a second task that provides more detailed information about their project. Lastly, selected applicants will be informed of the RBCLACs decision, and invited to sign the grant agreement and begin the implementation phase of their project.

To apply you must enter and register on the exclusive application platform: https://rbclac-fund.org/